rep chi with bon bon vie!

Shari represents for Chicago

One of my good friends just launched Bon Bon Vie, a t-shirt line with Chicago roots! Shari is the designer behind Black Girl with Long Hair and she has taken her entrepreneurship a step further and designed three amazing styles for the ladies out there. Don’t fret, men’s sizes are coming soon.

I adore this Chicago tee because, ahem, I ADORE Chicago! Check out Bon Bon Vie and support Shari’s new biz! Yay Shari!

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7 responses to “rep chi with bon bon vie!

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  2. can’t wait to wear mine!

  3. Can you ask Shari when I can expect my “Rep Chi” t-shirt?

  4. Hold your horses Ok! I haven’t gotten my shipment for the menfolk yet. Soon come!

    Syd, your shirt should be there any day now :)

    Thank you Megans (I meant that to be plural) for the post!

  5. I’m not from Chi, so I’ll take a Brown Skin Lady one…I’m one of those!

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  7. Hey Shari, i have purchased three Rep-Chi shirts from your Bon Bon Vie site and i destroyed both of my white ones. One was slashed with a knife (in Florida) when a crazed meth-head attempted to stab me but my SouthSide Chi-Town instincts kicked in and i handled him. The other was dyed by my hair girl. I still have a grey one but i want to order a mens Large in white! I keep checking your site but there havent been any in my size in months. You must hook me up, i must “Rep Chi” in florida. Also, if u could get me a cotton poly blend Rep Chi i’d be amped. Keep making cool shirts! Thanks.

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