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diy headboards & my ugly bedroom

Note: The bedroom has been updated since this post!  Check it out here.
My embarrassing little bedroom. Yes, that is primer on the wall.

I know, I know. I said it was back porch project weekend but I don’t think the weather is going to cooperate. If it doesn’t, I need to have a backup.

So, I’ve mentioned that our apartment is… ahem… vintage. It hasn’t been updated in decades (I think) and a lot of the rooms sorely need TLC. Take our bedroom for instance. The once-wooden floor, which I assume was beautiful, was at some point painted a dusty brown. A brown wooden floor. As you can see from the pitiful photo above, that brown has endured scratches, paint splatters, dust, dog hair; it’s a f^&#$(g mess. But I don’t have to cojones for that project quite yet.

I was going to settle for painting the room. I primed it way back when we first moved in —
Note to former tenants: midnight blue in an already cave-like room? What were you thinking? Also, I am sorry for constantly shitting on your home. You left it filthy, poorly-maintained and there were mounds of dog poo in the backyard. I am still bitter.
—but haven’t actually added, ya know, paint. But painting the room involves asking hubby dearest to move the bed to the craft room and sleeping in there and all that jazz. It’s March Madness. I’m not messing with that.

I have decided to settle on creating a headboard. A cheap one. One that doesn’t involve paint.

Photo Credit: BHG

This room is soooo not my style but I am definitely digging the window panel headboard. And wouldn’t you know, there has been a wooden frame in the alley for three days (Diana, I failed, I should have grabbed it immediately) and I swore I was going to come home and go pick it up while I walked the dog. I hope it is still there tomorrow.

Photo Credit: BGH

The suggestion here is to mount vintage hankies onto canvas. I’m not sure that would work in real life. I feel like my head would constantly dislodge everything. Either way, it’s cute but probably not for me. Plus, painting a frame around each one is involved. I said no painting.

Photo Credit: Little Purl of the Orient

Okay, this is adorable. The little girl, the granny squares, all of it. But I am 27. Darn it.

Photo Credit: AT

If I could get away with this… I just don’t know how you pull it off. First, I’m not that fashionable and I don’t think I have anything cute enough to hang. Second, it would get dusty and that would annoy me. Does it get vacuumed? What if you move your pillow and the thing falls on you while you sleep? It’s cute but probably not for moi.

Photo Credit: Domino (RIP) via AT

Okay, love. Love, love, love, love, love! Since our bedroom is the size of a shoebox, the bed is, like the bed in the photo, shoved up against the wall. This DIY headboard makes that an asset, not a design mess. I am sold. But how do I do it? Two big wooden panels? Cover them with batting and fabric? Is that it? Eureka! Let’s see if I can pull this off. I know I said this weekend, but give me… um… two months. Just in case something comes up…

Photo Credit: Young House Love

Actually, wait. Some more internet sleuthing led to this awesome tutorial on how to make a fabric headboard from Young House Love. Wooden panels aren’t involved. I can just use an artist’s frame for stretching canvas. Thank you internet!

Do you have any ideas for DIY headboards? I would love to hear them.

And I apologize for subjecting you to that horrible photo of my bedroom. Wish me luck on transforming it.